NOW CASTING : “Coming Out Party”

Swingers, Voyeurs, Lifestylers for a Documentary about The Green Door Las Vegas.

Call Bebe Hilton-Casting Director  323-513-7184  Or write:  greendoorbebe@gmail.com.

 (all those auditioning must sign an appearance release and bring a copy of their ID as we are filming the audition.  If you are auditioning than you will be allowed into the club at no charge)

The Green Door, Behind the Mask, is an in depth documentary that explores what it’s like to be a lifestyler, illustrating all the excitement and all the naughty fun that happens inside here.

This film explores a Different Kind of Normal, as the people who participate in  alternative lifestyles are more “normal” than one would think.

We will follow a selected, pre-cast group of people who will use this opportunity to finally take off their masks at a “coming out” gathering at the Green Door in Las Vegas.

We will showcase couples, singles, voyeurs, all those who want to share their sexual adventures in a non judgmental way, and open up the minds of those who the exploration of one’s fantasies will be celebrated from straight “vanilla” sex, to the explosive fetish based desires.

Call now ….and Share your Joy with your fellow Lifestylers!